Chauthi Koot

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    Chauthi Koot 2016 Punjabi Full Movie

    HD Movie Info

    Movie Name: Chauthi Koot (2016)
    Release Status: Upcoming/Running on theater
    Release Date: 05 August 2016
    Genres: Drama, History
    Country: India
    Language: Punjabi
    Chauthi Koot (2016) Movie Description :
    Directed by: Gurvinder Singh
    Written by: Gurvinder Singh
    Starring by: Suvinder Pal Vicky, Rajbir Kaur, Kanwaljeet Singh, Gurpreet Bhangu, Tommy

    CHAUTHI KOOT evokes the atmosphere of suspicion, fear and paranoia of the Punjab in 1980s. It considers two loosely connected incidents: two Hindu friends trying to get to Amritsar and, some months earlier, a farmer who is told he has to kill the family dog. One story flows into the other and back – like a relay race one character passing on the baton to another. What binds the two is the condition of the common man trapped between the excesses of the military on one side and the militant movement for a separate Sikh nation on the other.

    The Punjab. Mid 1980s. A train journey to Amritsar. A dog that barks. The dilemmas and fears of average people caught between the Indian Army and Sikh separatists.

    The film plot synthesises two different stories set in a post-Operation-Blue-Star Punjab in the ‘80s. Fear and paranoia pervaded the atmosphere as general public was caught between excesses of both Khalistani terrorists and the security forces fighting them. The first story is about a militant diktat in Punjab that prohibited family-owned dogs from barking and the other is about two Hindu friends travelling to Amritsar in a nearly empty train. The plot makes the two stories into one by making one of the friends travelling in the train recounting the first story.

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