Arrival 2016

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    Arrival 2016 English Full Movie BrRip 720p Torrent Download:

    Arrival 2016 English Full Movie BrRip 720p Torrent Download

    Arrival 2016 English Full Movie BrRip 720p Torrent Download

    Movie Info:

    Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
    Based on “Story of Your Life”
    by Ted Chiang
    Amy Adams
    Jeremy Renner
    Forest Whitaker
    Michael Stuhlbarg

    Release dates:
    September 1, 2016 (Venice)
    November 11, 2016 (United States)
    Running time: 116 minutes
    Country: United States
    Language: English


    The films begins with a montage showing the birth, life and death of linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams)’s daughter, who dies from cancer in her teenage years. Some time later, Louise is teaching at a College when news breaks that a mysterious spacecraft has landed in the U.S. The following reports reveal that twelve spacecrafts have landed across the globe in seemingly random locations. US Army Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) meets Louise and offers her the opportunity to attempt to translate audio recordings of the creatures inside the spacecrafts. Louise states that she can only accept if she is allowed in the spacecraft to see the creatures for a better understanding of their language. Weber initially refuses, but returns to Louise’s home later and agrees.Arrival 2016 English Full Movie BrRip 720p Torrent Download

    That night, Louise is flown by helicopter to the nearest spacecraft landing site. On the way, she meets mathematician and scientist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), and is told that each of their teams will be in charge of attempting to translate the creatures’ language before other countries in the same position threaten to attack them. On their first attempt, two creatures appear behind a glass-like screen, and visually resemble large squids with seven twig-like legs. Louise tries to speak with the them, but her attempt is unsuccessful. On the team’s second attempt, Louise brings a whiteboard, and displays the word “human” to the creatures. The creatures respond by using their legs to project a substance into the air that forms a symbol, which the team interpret as their language. Louise then removes her protection suit and approaches the creatures at the glass; as she presses her hand against it, so too does one of the creatures.Arrival 2016 English Full Movie BrRip 720p Torrent Download

    Following the removal her suit, Louise is plagued by repeated flashbacks of her deceased daughter, particularly images of her bonding with small animals and a vision of her telling her daughter that her husband left her when she told him something about a disease that he wasn’t ready to hear. When asked for help with her daughter’s homework, Louise responds by saying that if she wants science, she should contact her father. Weber is impressed with Louise’s progress, and the team continue their sessions, attempting to teach the creatures more of the English language so that they can eventually and reliably ask their key question: “what is your purpose on this planet?”. They also deduce that the creatures’ language has no beginning and no end point, meaning that entire sentences are depicted in one symbol which is seen as a whole, rather than as a continuous line (the way humans read). While their progress seems positive, Chinese General Shang reports that the creatures in the spacecraft in China have shown signs of hostility, while the U.S creature has asked questions about weaponry. Unbeknownst to Louise and Ian, U.S army soldiers place a small bomb inside the spacecraft. While Louise makes further process with the creatures, who project an enormous visualisation of their language onto the screen, the bomb detonates. Louise and Ian survive the blast, but all of the spacecrafts float higher into the sky, stopping humanity from entering them. Ian realises that the enormous projection had a hidden meaning, which translated into the fraction 1/12, implying that if each country shared their knowledge of the creatures’ language, they would understand them. This is impossible, however, as each country has disconnected from communication due to differences of opinion in how to treat the creatures.

    After a debate of how to further the process, Louise approaches the spacecraft alone. It responds by sending down a smaller craft, which she enters. It takes her to the other side of the glass wall. Having learnt enough of each other’s languages, Louise and one of the creatures primitively communicate. The creature reveals that the other was wounded in the explosion and is dying, and informs Louise that the weapon they mentioned earlier is in her possession, and that she has always possessed it. Louise asks the creature if they can see into the future, but it responds by saying that Louise is the one who can do this. Due to its trust in her, the creature then allows Louise access to their entire language. Returning to Earth, Louise begins to realise that the weapon they mean is in fact memory, and she understands that the creatures have found a way to view time as a non-linear process. As she now understands their full language, Louise shares this ability, giving her the opportunity to clearly see into both her past and her future. Louise manages to see into the future, and sees General Shang thanking her for changing his mind. When she asks him how she did this, he tells her that she phoned him directly and told him his wife’s dying words. As she experiences this in her mind, the present day Louise phones Shang directly (using the number he showed her in the future, claiming that he feels it is important that she sees it) and uses her forward memory ability to recite his wife’s final words after hearing them from him, despite the fact that this hasn’t actually happened yet. Shang immediately calls a ceasefire and agrees to treat the creatures as allies, ending the possibility of war between them. The spacecrafts disappear from the Earth.

    Louise returns to the base, and finds Ian. In another memory, it is revealed that Louise’s daughter’s name is Hannah, a name Louise chose because it is a palindrome. Louise then realises that the memories of her daughter actually come from the future, and that Ian is to be her husband and the father of her daughter. Louise experiences the memories of Hannah’s lifetime once more, now fully aware that they are yet to occur, and sees a new memory of the future in which Ian embraces her and asks if she wants to make a baby. As the two embrace by the now empty landing site in the present, Louise, with full knowledge of what is to come, simply replies “yes” in the future.

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